10x typical Tokyo

Japan… one of my favorite destinations of the past few years. Tokyo alone is a unique city that I have feasted my eyes on. There are so many things you can’t find anywhere else in the world! Crazy, funny, beautiful and extraordinary images, of which I’d like to share a few: 10x Typical Tokyo.

1. Busy, yet organized

Tokyo is big, very big. And there are loads of people living and working here, who all move around on the streets, in cars and on public transport. But despite these large numbers of people it never becomes chaotic: Tokyo is super organized. There are arrows everywhere showing you where to walk and everyone follows the rules. This intersection is a good example of the level of organization; nobody crosses without a green light.


2. Plastic food

You’ll find it in many a restaurant and snack bar window: plastic food. It makes choosing a dish easier: it’s certainly helpful when you don’t speak Japanese.


3. Silence on public transport

No other place in Tokyo is as quiet as it is on the public transport system. Why is this? Cell phone use is prohibited, but doing other things on your phone isn’t. And so this is what everyone does (apart from a few people reading a book).


4. Lots of sweet things

Not only are there many sweet things for sale, a lot of shops in Tokyo also use sweet colors. And we’re not just talking about the ice cream parlors!


5. Green space in the city

The inhabitants of Tokyo love green space. This is reflected in the mini-gardens, roof gardens and parks. Though these sometimes disappear among the high-rises, creating a striking contrast.


6. Everything is for sale

No matter how crazy, you can find it in Tokyo. From sky-high department stores with every possible electronic device to things you would never know existed in ‘100 yen shops’. And before you know it you won’t be able to live without this ‘I’ll-never sleep-with-open-mouth-again’-sticker.


7. High-rise buildings

A very characteristic feature of Tokyo is of course the high-rise buildings. One apartment building is even higher than the next and whether you like them or not, it’s certainly unique.


8. Food on every street corner

You don’t have to go a minute without food in Tokyo: restaurants, snack bars and 7-elevens are open from dusk till dawn providing you with the most delicious treats. The highlight of course being: the freshest sushi everywhere.


9. Vending machines

Not only will you not have to starve in Tokyo, you won’t need to go thirsty either. There are vending machines everywhere offering a variety of beverages, warm and cold. Things like cans of warm green tea from a vending machine, or soup. And unique combinations such as warm banana chocolate milk.


10. Everything for dogs

Yes, Tokyo is also a little bit of a paradise if you own a dog, because dog owners treat their dogs like princes and princesses. Have you ever considered buying your dog a cute Hawaii-shirt such as this one?


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