Noodles & snake soup: food tour in Hong Kong

What’s more, you’ll discover the best places to go and the best dishes to eat, which will be useful for the rest of your trip. This food tour in Hong Kong is a perfect example. Even if you have only one evening to spend: book a food tour and you’ll be so much more in the know!


Explanation of dishes

The food tour gives you loads of information about the different dishes. Not only about the dishes themselves, but also on how to eat them. For a start, how to use chopsticks, as not everyone from the West has mastered this skill yet. You’ll also get useful tips, such as using your chopstick to prick a hole in your dumpling when eating soup-filled dumplings.
Soup dumplings

Tasting different dishes

The food tour gives you a chance to taste a bit of everything, rather than making just one choice from a menu (which is tricky enough when it’s in Chinese). This way you discover what you like best and can order the same dish again later on during your trip!
All kinds of dishes arrive at the table. Time to taste! (Photo credits: Willem Berns)
Noodles with peanut sauce
Fried aubergine

A peak inside the kitchen

The nice thing about the ‘restaurants’ you’ll visit is that the restaurant itself is often the kitchen and you can see exactly how something is made. You’ll eat in all kinds of different places, many of which you wouldn’t have picked out as being special. Judging whether a place will have great food or not can be difficult when using a Western point of view. Sometimes a restaurant is so popular that not everyone fits inside and the kitchen is in a different location from the dining space. You’ll have to wait outside the restaurant until you’re ‘allowed’ in! You might even see your food passing by while you wait!

foodtour-hongkong-noodles-Noodles in the kitchen

hongkong-streetfoodtourReading the menu in the ‘waiting room’ of this restaurant (Photo credits: Willem Berns)


Sure enough, our food passes by! (Photo credits: Willem Berns)

Unusual dishes

Are you brave enough to eat snake soup? There’s always one unusual dish on the menu. Of course you always decide for yourself whether to taste it or not.

snake-soup-hong-kong   The snake soup restaurant

Loads of desserts!

The conclusion of the tour offers different desserts for you to taste. From mango soup to a flambéed marshmallow dessert. Surely you’ll find something you like and it’s yet another chance to try a bit of everything!

hongkong-foodtour-mango-dessertMango soup

hongkong-foodtour-dessertFlambéed marshmallow ice cream

Want to book a food tour in Hong Kong?

Do you want to go on a discovery tour through the kitchens of Hong Kong too? Have a look at the Urban delight Hong Kong website.

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