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Travel toiletry kit (2 in1), Cocoon minimalist


Is this the perfect travel toiletry kit? The Cocoon Minimalist is a highly durable, roll-up toiletry kit with removable, transparent carry-on liquids bag. So it’s two toiletry kits in one. Useful when traveling with carry-on luggage, because this liquids bag is allowed through customs! The toiletry bag is 100% waterproof, has a sleek design and includes handy compartments.

Not looking for a large toiletry bag? The transparent liquids bag can also be ordered separately.


Artikelnummer: 799696120078.

This super clever, waterproof travel toiletry kit with a hook by Cocoon isn’t just a handy roll-up toiletry kit, it also includes a removable transparent liquids bag that you can use as a toiletry kit on a plane. This is useful when traveling with carry-on luggage, because this liquids bag is allowed through customs!

Waterproof toiletry kit

The Cocoon minimalist toiletry kit is a highly durable, hanging toiletry kit with a hook that you can roll-up. The travel toiletry kit is made of waterproof material, so any leaking bottles inside won’t end up damaging the rest of your luggage. Even the zippers are water repellent! This is also true for the transparent liquids bag, which is 100% waterproof.

2 in 1 travel toiletry kit with separate liquids bag

This Cocoon toiletry kit Minimalist is one of a kind. The roll-up travel toiletry kit can be used as a full-fledged toiletry kit on long journeys. But you can also detach the transparent compartment and use it as a separate transparent toiletry kit to hold liquids in your carry-on. Only traveling with carry-on? Put all of your liquids in the transparent compartment and fill the other compartments with your other toiletry items. Detach the liquids bag from the toiletry kit so you can safely take it through customs. When you reach your destination, you can simply reattach the transparent bag to the travel toiletry kit. This way, you won’t spend the rest of your vacation struggling with a toiletry kit that’s slightly too small or a plastic Ziploc bag.

The transparent toiletry bag for your liquids can also be ordered separately.

Looking for a different travel toiletry kit?

Are you looking for an extra-large travel toiletry kit that also holds large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen and things like contact lens solution? Then the Eagle Creek toiletry kit On Board may be a better choice for you. Looking for a roll-up toiletry kit with hook for a smaller budget? Have a look at the slightly simpler roll-up toiletry kit, the Pack-it Slim Kit by Eagle Creek.


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