DIY with the Travel & Scratch travel journal

Did you know the Travel & scratch travel journal from our gift shop is so much more than just a simple travel journal? Here are three ideas to give your travel journal a creative twist.

Travel & Scratch reisdagboek

1. Your visited countries at a glance

Everyone knows those little shelves for displaying paintings. You can easily turn them into a (temporary) world map shelf! Put all your miniature scratch maps in picture frames and display them nicely. You decide whether to scratch them open or not. The shelves and picture frames seen in the image can be purchased at Ikea.

wereldkaart op plank muur

detail wereldkaart plank muur

2. Create your own world map gallery wall

Pinterest is full of them, the so-called gallery walls. It’s a perfect way to bring the travel vibe into your home. They are also really well suited to the world scratch maps included with the journal. Frame each of your world map continents and create a staggered display on the wall. You can decide what size and style of frames to use and whether you put one or two continents in a frame! Want a bigger wall? Combine the maps with travel pictures in the same frames! This way, you can keep giving your wall a different look and feel.

wereldkaart ophangen collage

3. Write, paste and scratch your own travel story

Yes, of course you can simply use your journal as it was intended – for keeping a diary. With the included scratch maps you can easily add a creative touch. And that’s not all, the journal also offers plenty of pages for planning your trip, collecting addresses and sticking in business cards from your favourite hostels and restaurants, tickets, etc. Better yet, the journal already takes your next trip into consideration. At the back, you can write out your plans for your next trip!


Give your journal an extra special touch with these cute little letter stamps.


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