Travel happiness: moments of joy when traveling

When we travel, we seem to enjoy the small things in life more. Or is it just that there’s simply more to enjoy? Whatever it is, all those consecutive moments of joy bring about the well-known travel bug. A big smile appears on your (suntanned) face. Your heart jumps for joy. Or maybe you just heave a big sigh of relief. Whatever it is you feel, those little moments of joy…how sweet they are! Can you relate to the 20 moments of joy mentioned below?


1. The moment you close the door behind you

Yes, it’s really happening. You’re going on VACATION! 🙂

2. The first page in a new notebook

Pen and paper; something almost every traveler has in his or her luggage. From entire travel reports to individual notes; we like to write when we travel. That feeling you get the moment you put your pen down on the first empty page of your adventure never gets old. Do you want to make a personalized notebook? Read our tips (in Dutch) >

3. The warm air when you get off the plane

No matter how humid, hot or muggy it is, that wave of warmth reminds you of the fact that you really aren’t at home anymore.

4. Taking the perfect photo

You can stare at it for hours. You keep scrolling down to that one photo on your camera to see it again. Enthusiastically show it to everyone you meet. You’re so proud! The timing, the lighting, the colors, it’s just plain perfect!

5. Spotting an unusual animal

Whether it’s a rare bird, the big five or just a cute little monkey, your day is made when you spot an unusual animal (and also manage to take the perfect photo of it).


6. Your bare feet in the warm sand

I don’t think this one needs any further explanation…

7. Finding your way back after being lost for too long

Although getting lost is really adventurous, it’s always a great feeling to find something you recognize again.

8. Opening a cold beer

Imagine this: it’s boiling hot and your t-shirt is soaked after a long (action packed) day. Enter that feeling of holding a cold beer in your hands. The cold droplets rolling off the can and the hissing sound the carbonated drink makes when you open it… cheers!

9. Finding your first street food stall

That moment you spot your first street food stall on a new adventure. Particularly when all the food they sell turns out to be surprisingly (make that incredibly) good. Yep, this country has stolen your heart immediately. Food is the way to the heart, right?


10. The 7-Eleven

It’s a real phenomenon, especially among travelers to Asia. Besides the fact that they seem to always be open, 7-Eleven shops sell pretty much everything you might need at that very moment. Wikipedia calls the shops ‘convenience stores’ for a reason.

11. Not remembering what it feels like to wear socks

This one only applies to warm countries of course, but it’s so great not to have worn socks in weeks. Walking the streets barefoot, going out at night wearing flip-flops, sandals on a hike…just because you can.

12. Falling asleep in a hammock

You keep falling into a deeper sleep while swaying back and forth. With nothing but the sound of the wind through the palm trees, some birds and monkeys, or the murmur of the people around you. Divine!

13. Showering after a multi-day trek

After several days of hiking, sleeping in basic accommodations (or tents) and the lack of a shower, it feels really good to be able to wash your hair again and rinse off all the dust and mud. A crisp waterfall or swimming pool comes close, by the way.


14. A taxi driver who starts the meter without asking

For once, there are no endless negotiations. No ‘you can easily be replaced’ nonsense. No discussions. You just get in and get driven to your destination at the going rate. It’s a breath of fresh air, especially when you’re tired.

15. A unique encounter

Whether it’s a nice chat with a local or making new travel friends, special encounters are always fun. And they leave you with unique memories of each trip. Especially when traveling solo, these encounters are what that ultimate travel feeling is all about.

16. The moment you’re able to lower your heavy backpack to the ground

Particularly when you’ve searched for a suitable hostel for a long time and FINALLY find one that meets your expectations, that moment you let your backpack slide off of your shoulders knowing you’ve found a place to sleep is a blissful feeling.


17. Discovering something new

You can plan your journey in detail, but if someone gives you a tip along the way about a special place that’s not listed or tucked away somewhere deep inside your travel guide, you’re truly over the moon.

18. When a fellow traveler pulls out a bag of marshmallows at a campfire

Remember this one, because if it happens to be you who suddenly pulls a bag of marshmallows out of your bags, you’ll be sure to make new friends on the spot. The same goes for a bottle of rum, by the way. Because everything that comes with campfires, ‘deep’ conversations and the entire night ahead of you, makes people happy.

19. A new stamp in your passport

Whatever its appearance, a new stamp or visa in your passport always looks good.

20. Clicking on ‘confirm your booking’

The excitement you feel when you complete the booking of your trip…Oh yeah!

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