8 Super convenient free travel items

You can make traveling as cheap or expensive as you want. Backpacks, suitcases, sleeping gear, toiletries…you can have all of this for relatively little money, but you can also spend loads on it, it all depends on your own wishes and quality requirements. But, there are a few items that are really useful to have and don’t cost (hardly) anything! Do you always bring these 8 items with you too?


The convenient resealable bags you can find in every supermarket nowadays always come in handy when traveling. For storing things that you don’t want to leak into your bag, to protect things, shield them from water, or to get your fluids through customs: always useful.


If you’ve chosen to go with some super cheap gear and it doesn’t turn out to have the level of quality you hoped for, you can always fix it with duct tape. Or when you’ve just walked past a sharp fence with your rain cover and it has a huge hole in it. Or when you’re going on a bike ride and get an unexpected flat tire. And did you know you can also use duct tape to prevent blisters?  You don’t need to bring an entire roll, but you can make your own mini-roll of duct tape.


Not for keeping your hair dry under the shower, but you know those free shower caps you often get in hotels? They’re perfect for storing your dirty shoes, without taking up any extra space in your bag or suitcase.


They’re super strong, small and won’t take up any extra space in your luggage: tie-wraps. Useful when you need to hang up a lamp, repair something or tie your bag shut because you’ve forgotten your padlock.


A garbage bag can be used as a rain cover for your backpack when you run into an unexpected tropical shower, for your dirty laundry, or when your swimming clothes are still wet and you need to move on to the next location. Even more convenient; have a look in the closet of the first hotel you stay in. There’s often a disposable plastic laundry bag with a drawstring made of thin non-crinkly plastic that’s an even better size.


You get it for free in supermarkets nowadays: a spork. Always good to have when you’re tired of using chopsticks or simply need some cutlery to eat a bowl of noodles with, for example.


In many countries it’s not a standard thing to have a roll of it hanging next to the toilet, while us westerners really can’t do without it: toilet paper. Make sure you always carry a roll with you (it doesn’t have to be a full roll of course). It also comes in handy in other situations where you need to dry or wipe something.


In the same ‘sometimes you need to create your own’ category: elastic hairbands. Useful when you need to hang something from somewhere (with a slipknot), hang something up or join things together. For example, you can use a water bottle, elastic hairband and cellphone to create your own navigation system stand for your road trip!


Of course we’re very curious to hear about your top tips too!

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